Gates of Olympus Game Review

The power and majesty of the ancient Greek gods is displayed in the Gates of Olympus slot in the most vivid way. Zeus, the god of thunder and lightning, appears in all his glory, being able to reward players abundantly. The world of the gods is covered with a lot of myths and legends, but perhaps it is up to you to catch luck and find a place in the sun.

Gates of Olympus slot machine is a spectacular 6 reel game where you win by picking symbols from absolutely any place. Play wherever you want – the game has adaptations with PCs, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. The extensive betting range will definitely provide the opportunity to pick the most favorable way to win.

It is desirable to examine the game more and longer, as every nuance is worked out in the most sophisticated way. Among the game's symbols on a 6x5 grid you will find rings, crowns and hourglasses with higher payouts as well as gems shimmering in a bewitching cut of various shapes, colors and sizes. Definitely, the primary Olympian god, capable of controlling the entire world, Zeus, stands out against the general background. The icon with his image is the most preferred symbol of the game, which will bring bonus awards.

The prospects for the Gates of Olympus slot are simply stunning. Multiplier symbols increase winnings by up to 500 times and the maximum prize is €500,000. Deserving the favor of the gods is not easy, but it is worth it, right? Here are the major aspects of the slot in the form of the table:

Parameter Meaning
Lines No
Scheme 6 × 5
Mechanics Symbol Drop («falling»)
Combination building Pay Anywhere (more than 8 characters anywhere on the screen)
A brief description of the bonus 15 free spins with multiplier collection and extension
Buying a bonus For 100 bets
Influence of the size of the bet on the winnings Bet increased by 25%, 2 times the chance of starting free spins
Risk Game No
Re-spin Theoretically infinite (provided by the Symbol Drop mechanics)
Maximum payout in the main game х5000 (**)
Maximum bonus winnings х5000 (**)

We take you with us on this breathtaking journey and together we will lay out every aspect of this slot in the Gates of Olympus review. Settle in, we are about to begin.

How We Tested Gates of Olympus

In order to create a comprehensive and objective analysis of a particular game, our team of professionals analyzes key aspects of the game from several perspectives, using a number of criteria. This allows for a clear assessment of the big picture as well as the small details. Gates of Olympus tested was under rigorous scrutiny of such criteria:

Graphics and sound.

Modern technology takes the quality of the game to a new level. Decent game offerings must necessarily comply with current trends in design and quality requirements. Sound effects should also fit the style, create a pleasant impression, but not be too obtrusive.

Convenient navigation.

Beneath the exterior cover, there should be a persistent and solid foundation that will allow the slot to function in a clear and structured manner. A quality slot provides a user-friendly interface that is clear at the level of intuition, a streamlined system of icons and symbols, and a logical game process.

Adjustable betting lines.

Circumstances and opportunities vary from player to player, so the slot must be flexible and find an approach even in individual situations. This is easily accomplished by adjusting betting lines and coin values.

Bonus features.

Not only the number of possible gifts is assessed, but also their quality and way of action. In addition to the basic combinations, additional options provide intriguing possibilities and make the game unpredictable. 

Theme Gates of Olympus

Without a doubt, the Gates of Olympus theme is not trite or boring. Greek mythology and a collection of sparkling jewels is a truly divine combination. The main setting is Mount Olympus, the sacred citadel of Zeus. The sky god himself appears to players soaring through the air and with lightning instead of eyes. Moreover, his image can be seen on the symbol Scatter, which brings a wide range of bonus features.

The goal of the game is to pass through the gates of this world of the gods and make the most of all the riches available there. To do this, you need to collect the highest combinations in the game, composing them from various gems and artifacts. The epic nature of the events taking place is astounding, and in the end, not only money but infinite prosperity is at stake.

Graphics Gates of Olympus

Lovers of Ancient Greece are sure to be in rapture when playing this slot. Surrounded by eternal fire, Olympus and the purple skies beckon with their mystery and grandeur. The 6x5 playing field is set against a backdrop of bright, yet beautifully matching colors. Symbols of the crown, clock, ring and cup, as well as jewels are created with the utmost skill and in an identical style.

Despite the fact that Gates of Olympus graphics are relatively simple, there is nothing extra: only the playing field, function buttons and information windows. Moreover, all the necessary buttons are miniature and are located just as convenient for the process, at the bottom of the screen. As for the sound accompaniment, they only add fuel to the fire of the generally intriguing atmosphere, sometimes relaxing, and in some cases, keeping tension. Absolutely every detail of the Gates of Olympus design is whispering: unearthly treasures are closer than they seem.

Gameplay Gates of Olympus

The core action takes place on 6 reels and 5 rows where you will test your luck for getting winning combinations. Here are the steps to play this game:


Choose your bet size.

Choose your bet size. Gates of Olympus Gameplay offers flexibility for all budgets, with small bets for players with a limited budget and higher bets for those feeling bold. The "+" / "-" icons at the bottom right of the screen will allow you to adjust the number of coins per spin, ranging from 0.20 to 100 coins.


Create winning symbol combinations.

To get a reward, players need to collect 8 to 30 of the same symbols. The top symbols in Gates of Olympus that bring the most impressive payouts are the crown, clock, ring and cup. Each of them has its own value that can range from 150 to 5,000 coins. And, as in any slot, there are less profitable symbols, such as red, purple, gold, green and blue gems.


Collect stacked combinations for payouts.

Payouts are based on the number of identical symbols the player managed to collect. The maximum bet can result in winnings, raging from 25 to 1000 coins. The highest possible payout in Gates of Olympus is 5,000x the bet made.

Visuals and Soundtrack
Gates of Olympus

The musical component in the slot makes a difference. When you go through the process of betting, winning and losing, the player experiences a whole range of distinct emotions. And it is the music that can inspire, reassure or motivate.

Well, the soundtrack of Gates of Olympus manages to fulfill all of these tasks and more. In general, the music here is quite dramatic and well combined with the general atmosphere of the kingdom of gods. A lot of additional sounds also complement the game action. The drums spin and land with a satisfying buzz and suspense-inducing chords.

Speaking of the visuals of Gates of Olympus, one cannot help but notice the thoughtfulness and mix of all the details. On the drums in their abundance are marvelous and intimate gems that sparkle in masterfully crafted animation. The color, shape, hue and cut of each gem is unique, as is the importance they hold in the game. And the priceless artifacts – crowns, goblets and rings – are valued much higher in the game and are absolutely perfect, without a single flaw. Just what the gods need. The image of the most powerful god Zeus in this slot also exceeds all expectations. The classic white toga and gold accessories are something basic, but that does not apply to his facial expression. Zeus' gaze literally sends chills all over his body with the obvious challenge of lightning flashing in his eyes. Getting through to the divine realm will not be easy, but the purple skies in the background cling and beckon.

To put it bluntly, the visual and sound effects of the slot are top-notch, high quality and breathtaking.

Paylines Gates of Olympus

The total number of paylines Gates of Olympus is 20, but the system works here by a particular method – clusters. Simply put, in order to count on a payout, you need to catch 8 of the same symbols. Then, they will automatically evaporate from the playing field, bringing you a reward in return.

Emphasize your attention on the collection of high-paying symbols – the crown, ring, clock and cup. Among all of them, the Crown will bring the maximum profit – from 10x to 50x of your bet on a roll of 8 to 12 of the same symbol. As a result, up to 5000 coins can be yours.

Who Created the Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus creators in the gambling industry are so notorious that their name itself is more eloquent than any description.

Pragmatic Play studio developed this slot in 2021. Being a relatively new name on online platforms, this game has managed to catch on with its simplicity, quality gameplay and interface development and, apparently, the generous payouts. And this is entirely justified, as Pragmatic Play has positioned itself as a leader in the iGaming and Betting market, offering many perfect and intriguing game titles. Licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, this developer focuses on security, transparency and quality. This is why they have managed to be one of the world's leading software providers.

How to Play Gates of Olympus

Initially, it will be easy to access the slot at any casino you prefer. However, it is more advisable to start with a demo version of the game, dedicating no more than half an hour to it. This time will be more than enough to evaluate the Gates of Olympus rules, interface, graphics and gameplay. All navigation elements are located at the bottom of the screen and are absolutely clear because of the logically matched icons.

In addition, there is no need to download the game to your device, since it is a browser-based game. All you need to do is open your browser, go to the casino's website, and the game is yours. The next steps will gradually be described in our Gates of Olympus guide:

Favor any of the gambling establishments that represent the slot Gates of Olympus. Register there and make a convenient deposit amount.

Next, take some time to read and analyze the rules and conditions of the game in the information section. Evaluate whether the game suits you in terms of requirements, deposits and withdrawals and other aspects.

Decide on a wager size between 0.20 and 100 dollars. After that, click on the "Spin" button. Observe the result and, in the case of collecting a good combination, get the reward.

In the game Gates of Olympus is irrelevant where exactly you managed to collect the combination on the playing field 6x5. The formation can be any kind, but with the same symbols. Moreover, with the support of special symbols and bonus functions you are able to boost your odds of victory. More details related to it will be provided subsequently.

Gates of Olympus Symbols and Payouts

As already mentioned, Gates of Olympus symbols are not one-sided. They all vary in their value and pose varied levels of benefit to the participant. Some basic icons appear on the playing field on every spin, while special symbols are rare but generous and extremely satisfying. So, what are the characteristics of the symbols? Let us find out properly.

Blue, green, yellow, purple and red gems are the low paying symbols in the game.

The cup, the ring and the sand timer represent the medium paying icons.

The golden crown brings the highest payouts.

Zeus, depicted with a white beard, is the scatter symbol.

It is equally crucial to be aware of the specific benefits that the above symbols are able to bring. By converting this into a monetary equivalent, you will be able to assess your position in the game. Gates of Olympus payouts are expressed in this table:

Symbol Placement Payout (X - bet)
Blue gemstone
8-9 0,25
10-11 0,75
12-30 2
Green gemstone
8-9 0,4
10-11 0,9
12-30 4
Yellow gemstone
8-9 0,5
10-11 1
12-30 5
Purple gemstone
8-9 0,8
10-11 1,2
12-30 8
Red gemstone
8-9 1
10-11 1,5
12-30 10
8-9 1,5
10-11 2
12-30 12
8-9 2
10-11 5
12-30 15
Sand timer
8-9 2,5
10-11 10
12-30 25
Gold crown
8-9 10
10-11 25
12-30 50

Minimum/Max Bet Gates of Olympus

Due to the impressive range of bets, almost any gambler can choose what he can afford and according to his taste.

Consequently, the limits of the bet Gates of Olympus are as follows:

The minimum bet –


The maximum bet


Moreover, if you want to save time and not choose the size of the bet at each spin, you may want to use the auto play option. By setting your preferred betting amount, you can relax and just monitor the process.

Gates of Olympus RTP and Volatility

Slot specifications include two main concepts that affect the final outcome of rounds: RTP and volatility.

RTP (return-to-player) is an overall percentage of how much of all the money put into the game can be returned as a prize. The value of this value takes as a basis not a specific game bet, but the game rounds as a whole.

Volatility is a kind of risk indicator, which demonstrates how likely long losing streaks or fruitless spins are.

Using the analyzed slot as an illustration, let us find out how important these characteristics are:

Gates of Olympus
RTP – 96.50%.

Gates of Olympus
Volatility – high.

The percentage of return to the player, in fact, is more than just favorable to the player, compared to other slots and other gambling games. Consequently, your monetary losses will be recouped in the future perspective.

High volatility, in turn, warns players of the possible danger of experiencing long-term losses. A player should be prepared for this by controlling his budget and allocating it properly. However, waiting a long time to win will pay off. In the end, the amount of winnings will be much higher than usual. This can not only override previous losses, but also bestow a multiplication of the bankroll. The size of the prize depends on the value of your bets.

Gates of Olympus Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

No one can ignore the delightful Gates of Olympus features: special privileged symbols, bonus rounds and free spins. Using these tricks, it will be much easier to succeed in this slot.

Scatter Symbol

The image of Zeus on the icon is the Scatter symbol that appears on all reels and does not depend on the active lines. For 3 Scatters can get up to 300 coins, and for 6 – up to 10000. Having collected on the playing field of 4 or more Scatters, you activate 15 free spins. During these spins will fall icons with multipliers, which will increase your winnings. In addition, for Scatter you can win 5 extra spins.

Ante betting

The decision about the ante is one of the very first decisions in the game. There is a small button on the screen at the left side that can be applied optionally. The essence is that the use of ante will require additional payment in the form of 25% per rotation. And in return the player will be able to observe the opening of bonus rounds more often.

Tumble function

Each time you make a combination, the symbols involved disappear. The icons left on the playing field fall down, and new icons appear in the empty spaces. Consequently, fresh combinations can be formed from the old and new symbols. Thus, this feature will continue to excite you as long as the winning spins take place or until all wild symbols run out.

Multiplier function

Since players are dealing with gods in this slot, some events here cannot be explained logically. The multiplier function is just about that. Absolutely randomly this action can be launched, making the balls of gems land on the reels. Their emergence brings a certain multiplier value from 2x to 500x.

Free Spins

The peculiarity of the Gates of Olympus free spins is that you need to gather 4 or more Zeus Scatter symbols during the same spin in order to trigger them. As a result, it activates a bonus round with free spins. For instance, if you get 4 Scatters, you get a 3x multiplier and 15 free spins. Correspondingly, 5 and 6 Scatters come with 15 free spins, but with 5x and 100x multipliers. If 3 more symbols land during the free spins, you get an additional 5 free games.

Gates of Olympus Mobile Compatibility

The developer of Pragmatic Play slot made sure that access to his brainchild was extremely convenient. Gates of Olympus mobile version is characterized by compatibility with the most common operating systems – Android, iOS, Windows. Decide which device you want to start the game with, and you will not encounter any difficulties. Javascript and HTML5 technologies allow you to play directly from your browser.

With minimal wait and effort, you get a first-class gaming experience wherever you prefer.

Gates of Olympus Demo Play

Since Gates of Olympus slot has not been released very long ago, doubts about quality, bonuses and combination formation are justified. The right thing to do is to reassure yourself and try out Gates of Olympus demo play.

A demo version is a great way to check if everything is as described. Moreover, for beginners it is a golden opportunity to learn the rules, sort out the combinations and realize whether it is possible to win real money. After all, the player has nothing to lose, because this version of the game is completely free. The difference from the standard game is that you do not use your own money, but only put the money already provided in the account. Undoubtedly, such a game will help you analyze how much money you need to spend on the game, which bets are better to make with more profit for yourself and so on. Do not miss the opportunity to gain experience, preserving at the same time your money with the Gates of Olympus demo version.

Gates of Olympus
Max Win

The key aspects of the game are behind us, but the most exciting and enjoyable thing is yet to be revealed. Time to discuss Gates of Olympus max win. Information from different sources may differ, but the fact remains the same – the maximum prize amount is 5000 times the bet made.

Achieving such an amazing result is not easy for obvious reasons. Nevertheless, it is quite feasible. Since this is a fixed winning potential, it shows up in the game from time to time. To hasten the arrival of this moment, it is recommended to take advantage of the free spins and multiplier function. Also, do not ignore the ante bet, which although it charges a monetary percentage, also makes the appearance of bonus chips in the game more frequent. So, if you are aiming to play big, use the entire arsenal of possible means to achieve success.

Solutions If You Have Some Issues With a Game

Although the developer of Pragmatic Play guarantees uninterrupted and quality operation of Gates of Olympus slots on a variety of gaming platforms, you should still know how to act in certain problematic situations. In order to save time before contacting support, try out a few simple maneuvers for dealing with glitches:

Make sure your Flash and Java are updated;

Refresh the tab if your game's timeout has expired;

Ensure that your device supports HTML5 technology;

Check that you have a great connection;

Contact support if all else fails.

After following this list of steps and still not getting a satisfactory result, you can safely ask for help. You can count on all Gates of Olympus crashes to be fixed quickly, because the company-provider of this slot cares about its customers as well as its own reputation.


Based on an in-depth analysis of Gates of Olympus slot by Pragmatic Play, our verdict is an unequivocal recommendation of the game for beginners and experienced gamblers alike. Indeed, this slot has a lot to offer. Atypical theme of Ancient Greece, detailed and qualitatively selected graphics, and suitable sound effects create a unique appearance. And inside, like a very tempting stuffing, there is a whole range of bonus chips, charming game symbols with different payout levels, an exciting Tumble game feature and multipliers of different values.

We appreciate the prerogative of quality and support for clients in their gaming ambitions. And since the game's emphasis is on increasing the chances of getting a win, we cannot stay indifferent. We present Gates of Olympus pros and cons so you can make your own decisions based on your own priorities.


Discreet sound effects

Free spins and multipliers

The final prize may be quite large


High volatility

The graphics are pretty simple